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Marvel comics - bites and snippets

preview Black Widow #10 (Nathan Edmondson, Phil Noto)


Oh, Clint, what have you done this time….

Another example of why I’ll read pretty much any comic drawn by Phil Noto.

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Motored cross-country to join up with MINI Takes the States in Memphis. Update on Kansas: still very very flat.

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Alien Autopsy: William Barker on Schwa, two decades later

Twenty years ago, William Barker’s Schwa artwork revealed a world of alien abductions, stick figure insanity, conspiratorial crazy, and a hyper-branded surveillance state. It’s now more relevant than ever.


Twenty years. Amazing.

I used some awesome Schwa stickers to identify the punched 3.5 inch floppies I used for transferring my Delphi email and Usenet files from desktop to laptop.

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